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Update time!

Hi guys!

It's been so long since I wrote a post on here other than book reviews. I am so sorry about that. Podcasting is fun, but it takes away from my first love; writing. I hope to keep up with writing more on here. Much has happened in my life this year that I will have to save for another post. Be sure to scroll down to the end of this post as there is a big annoucement from me.

This is how I am spending my Saturday morning; babysitting this little one:

My friend is out of town visiting family so I get to watch her new puppy! So adorable!!! Right now, she is a ball of energy and keeping me on my toes. She loves to play and she also loves my slippers! I've had to run after her a few times to retrieve them. Never a dull moment. :)

I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving holiday! My family plans got cancelled due to Covid-19 concerns and I have to admit, I was pretty bummed. It's the first thanksgiving I haven't spent with family in almost 3 years.

It made me angry that this virus and fear surrounding it has caused so much disruption in our lives. I know you can all agree; this virus needs to go. I long for normalcy again as I am sure you all do as well.

Although my plans were changed, I did not spend the holiday alone. I am so thankful to have a wonderful church family here in Fresno who invited me to be a part of their day, where I gorged myself on amazing food (green beans with osyter sauce is my new favorite thing!). When we have a need, no matter how small, God provides.

As I mentioned above, many people have been affected by Covid, especially those in the small business realm. Sadly, many of the small businesses in my town have shuttered due to the pandemic. So today, I am sharing some of my favorite small businesses in hopes that while you do your shopping, you'll support them too.

Here are my some of my favorite places to shop:


Beautycounter is amazing in that they are leading a movement to a future where all beauty is clean beauty. Their collective mission is to get safer products into the hands of everyone. Formulate, advocate, & educate—that’s their motto for creating products that truly perform while holding themselves to unparalleled standards of safety. Why? It’s really this simple: beauty should be good for you.

My friend Chelsea Rojo introduced me to this brand last year and my skin LOVES it! My favorites from this line are their moisturizers, face washes, serums and oils. You can't go wrong with trying any of those products. Right now I am using the Counterstart Cocoboost Moisturizer, Counterstart Clearpores Cleanser. an , and the resurfacing peel. Love love LOVE these! They have done wonders for my skin. Feel free to give them a try and if you shop now, there is a 15% discount sitewide and shipping is free over 50 bucks.

You can connect with Chelsea on her Instagram.

Seint/ Maskcara Beauty

Maskcara Beauty was founded by Cara Brook, beauty blogger/makeup artist, in 2013 on the idea that makeup should be used to enhance the true beauty in a woman’s face, rather than covering it up.T heir one of a kind IIID foundation enhances skin tone, camouflages blemishes and dark circles, sculpts features and creates the “perfect lighting” on your face all in one quick application.They believe that every woman should feel comfortable and confident in their own skin.

My friend Ginny Wagner first introduced me to this line. The idea of conturing absolutley frightened me, as I was seriously impaired when it comes to applying makeup. They have an awesome diagram that is simply color by numbers that shows you where to apply the makeup to get the effect that you want. (Where was this ALL my life!!) The best part is that the makeup comes in little replacable tins, so instead of having to buy a whole new pallet; you just replace the color you need. Easy peasy!

You can connect with Ginny on her Facebook and Instagram.

Beauty From Ashes Photography

It is Nicole's passion and joy to capture the beauty of His creation through her lens, especially by capturing and telling the stories of one of His most incredible and beloved creations: people. According to Nicole, every person, every family, every story is unique, and capturing those flashes of personality and true emotion on camera is one of the most rewarding parts of being a photographer.

Nicole has taken all the photos on this website, and has done others for me as well. She is extremely talented and makes being in front of a camera easy- which is a lot for someone like me who likes to hide! If you are looking for some beauty fine art photography for you home, check out her Instagram for more info and to connect!

Clingans Junction

Guys, one of myfavorite spots to visit is Clingans Junction. It's a quaint little coffee shop in Squaw Valley that is on the way to Kings Canyon National Park. If you're a Fresno local or you ever visit this area, you gotta stop here. Yummy homemade pastries and delish coffee await you.

Frappe House

The inspiration for opening a coffee shop on CrossCity Christian Church’s Campus began with the vision to create an environment where people connected so meaningfully that it changed the quality of their lives. We believe that life is better connected! The Frappe House is a non-profit coffee house, largely staffed with volunteers. Each Quarter, proceeds benefit a different charity in our community. With each hand-crafted beverage purchased, our guests are partnering in their Mission to reach our community. Showing that something as simple as your daily cup of coffee or tea can have a big impact in the community at large.

This is my favorite coffee shop in Fresno. When I can't make the drive up to Clingans, I go here. Not only do they have amazing coffee, they provide the perfect atmosphere for studying or hanging out. There are chairs and comfy couches all over the shop. Follow them on Facebook.

Coming Soon; Brave One Ministries

For the past year, I've struggled to see where all of this was going- podcasting, writing, etc. I knew I was supposed to create a ministry of some type but wasn't sure of what it would be and how to start it.

A few weeks ago after prayer, while I sat in my car, I came across a listing for Christian adventure writers. I had NO idea this was a thing! I love God and I love adventure; never had I considered that I could possibly combine the two.

Then it hit me: What if I could take my love for adventure, the outdoors and God and help others conquer fear and get closer to God in the process?

With that; the idea for Brave One Ministries was born.

I am still working out all the details and hope to have more info soo. A Peach in Cali will change and a new website will take it's place; sometime in March. I'll give you guys a heads up before it happens.

And finally,a shamless plug from me! I started creating podcast merch for The Brave Podcast. Right now, I have t-shirts and tanks but hope to have more merch soon! If you want to purchase one, shoot me an email at apeachincali@gmail.com with your size and I'll send one your way. T-shirts are 15.00 and tanks are 20.

The support I've gotten from my friends this year from this new venture is amazing! I am so grateful for all of you.

Again, thank you so much for your support of me and all that I do. I hope you guys have had an amazing holiday. Although things may have been a bit different this year, know there is hope. This current chaos we are in is not forever. We have a hope, a hope in our savior Jesus Christ, who will come and make all things new. When I feel like things are out of control, I just remember this verse: "We have this as a sure and steadfast anchor of the soul, a hope that enters into the inner place behind the curtain" "Heb 6:19.

God is our hope. Today, tomorrow. Always,


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