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The Brave Podcast- Freedom in Failure with Ginny Wagner

Welcome friends! Happy Tuesday!

I am back from Podfest! I had an amazing time and met so many people.

I started out my trip in Bradenton, where I got a day to just relax and spend time with my family. Now that I know how awesome Florida is I am definitely going back!

This is where I spent most of my time:

After a day of relaxing, it was off to Orlando!

I learned so much at this conference. I got tips on how to get better post engagement, how to improve my audio, voice control lessons, how to gain sponsors...the content was amazing. After three days, my head was ready to explode from all the info, but I was so grateful for all the new knowledge.

The best part of the conference was truly the community. I've never met such a supportive group of people. We all came from different walks of life, different beliefs, different podcasts, but everyone was so accepting. I was worried initially about attending this conference since it was a non Christian event. God quickly corrected me; I am called to be light and go out into the world, not pigeonhole ourselves and only participate in Christian communities. Had I listened to my fear and not gone to this event, I would have missed out on such a wonderful community and friendships.

Thanks so much for all your support in my new endeavor. Can I ask a favor? Please download, share episodes with friends and give The Brave Podcast an honest rating. Ratings help people find the podcast; the more people see it the better so we can get the word out about how awesome our God is.

You can take a listen to this weeks episode here. Or here:

That's all from me, now onto the podcast episode:

In this episode of The Brave Podcast, we meet Ginny Wagner.  Ginny is a mom of 4 and an entrepreneur. Ginny is a team lead and a consultant for MaskCara, a makeup company.  In this episode, she talks about the myth of balance. She discusses being a planner and acceptance when our plan does not work.We dive into perfectionism and finding freedom in failure. Ginny also discusses entrepreneurship and what to expect starting a business.

We end the first half of our interview with Ginny sharing how she became a Christian and meeting her husband, Andrew.

This interview is a special treat because we get to hear from Ginny twice! Our next episode with Ginny,we’ll cover her goals for 2020, being a creative and being a Christian businesswoman.

Some notable quotes from Ginny during our interview:

Things with the Lord are a partnership. He is such a gentleman. He doesn’t force His way.
We tend to minimize our needs or say that they aren’t justifiable
God always has a plan. We have to trust that He knows it.

Ginny Wagner lives in Fresno with her husband Andrew and four kids.

In this episode, we discuss:



Myth of Balance



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Have a great week everyone!


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