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The Brave Podcast- Brokenness with Katie Joy

Hi friends!

I realized that I totally forgot to update those that follow my blog that I have a podcast!

This all came about through a conversation with God. When I was conceptualizing what I wanted my ministry to be and what to focus on, God said: Courage.

I knew the focus but how would I deliver this message? Would I write content to sell? Would I write books?

So I tried both of those. It didn't feel right.

God laid the idea of a podcast on my heart last June. I was terrified to do something like that so I ignored it.

But God is patient.

He just waited me out.

With tears and many hours of learning all I could about podcasting, The Brave Podcast was born!

I am three weeks in and I love it!

The Brave Podcast will release every Wednesday.

Here's today episode:

In this episode of the Brave Podcast, we get to chat with my good friend, Katie Joy. This interview is special because we’ll get to hear from Katie for the next two weeks!   For the first part of the interview, she shares about how God led her to become a musician and how Changing Names got started. She also shares intimate details regarding herself and her family. Lastly Katie discusses perfectionism and the importance of counseling.

Heads up, Katie is the mom to three fur babies and they make a guest appearance in this episode and the next.

Katie is the vocalist for the band, Changing Names with her husband James. As an added treat, I’ve included a song from their album Lovely Deceit, called Scars, that will play at the end of the interview. It seemed to be the perfect fit for our podcast topic. I’ll include their band website in the links below so you can be in the know regarding all things Changing Names. 

I enjoyed so much getting to sit down with Katie and learn more about her life. I hope you’ll enjoy this interview as much as I have.

Next week, we’ll meet back up with Katie, as she talks about marriage.

If you are a new listener to The Brave Podcast, we would love to hear from you.  Please visit our Contact Page and let us know what you think about the podcast. If you’ve listened for a while, thank you so much! Can I ask you a favor? Please share the podcast with others and leave ratings. It helps others find the podcast and your ratings let me know that you enjoy the content that you’re listening to. 

In this episode, we discuss:

Accepting your calling




Substance abuse

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Big thanks to these guys  for helping make the episode awesome!

The music for this episode: Spring by Ikson 


Podcast artwork: Cynde Rose


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