• Alexis Newlin


Today I sit at a table that is not my own.

I'm 3000 miles away from home, pursing a dream that is quite new to me.

It's scary and exciting to be here.

When God called me to podcasting, I never dreamed that I'd be sitting at this table, miles away from home, ready to learn and grow my network,

Never did I imagine that I would meet so many people, learn so many new stories, make more friends.

I didn't think I had any more room left in my busy life for something new.

Yet here I am.

God has opened doors that I have never imagined. I never could have even dreamed this for my life. My plan was to be married, 2 or so kids, living in a home with my two Great Danes, working out the rest of my days at the hospital helping others. This is still my dream, God says it's still coming, and so I wait.

Writing was just a dream. I never thought my dream would manifest, grow into other things and bring me here.

All this happened because I decided to sit at the table God called me to.

Today's FMF writing prompt was Table. I honestly hope this made sense, LOL. To find out more about Kate Montaung and Five Minute Friday, you can visit the link here.

I'm in Orlando this weekend, attending Podfest 2020 and making new friends! Loving it so far.

Have a Happy Friday!


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