• Alexis Newlin


Y'all, when people say the phrase, "She/ He has the attention span of a gnat/five year old/etc...that is me.

I get sooooo easily distracted. My phone calls to me. Social media. My thoughts. The TV. Whether or not I need to clean.

All these these tug at my attention. Some things yes, I need to address, like cleaning-my least favorite activity.

But other things I use are simply a distraction from how I am feeling, or spending time with God.

When I am sad, do I turn to God immediately or do I scroll instagram?

When I need to make a big decision, do I stop and pray or do I turn on Netflix?

Distractions simply pull you away from important things and fills your time, which is so precious with things that are not life giving, or empty. When I stop indulging in these things, the problem, decisions, feelings that I was running from are still there. None of these things helped.

Instead I should run to the one who can help. Who is always there to help.

Imagine the peaceful, distraction free life we could have if we just run to God instead of the other stuff? I'd get so much more done. I'd worry less. I'd deal with my feelings instead of bottling them up.


This was a writing prompt from Five Minute Friday. To find out more, check out this link: FMF. This week's theme was distraction.

I am so glad Friday is here. I need the weekend to recharge. I plan on going on a little drive through the mountains. How about you?

Happy Friday y'all!


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