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Book Review: Take Back Your Time

Hi friends!

I'm back with another trifecta of book reviews for you!

Today I am reviewing Take Back Your Time by Morgan Tyree. To be completely honest with you guys, I struggle with organization. It is probably one of my biggest weaknesses. I am a master of organized chaos: piles of paper, sticky notes everywhere, bins filled with things I plan to organize later.

Organization really overwhelms me and when I get too overwhelmed- I just throw things away.

I am always looking for a simple, better way to organize.

Morgan provides many tools to help people like me (and hopefully you too) take control of their time and get a bit more organized in their lives.

About the Author: Morgan is a professional organizer, author, blogger, fitness coach and mom of teenagers. She has a bachelors in business administration with an emphasis in small business and entrepreneurship. She blogs weekly at Morganize with Me and is a monthly contributor to I'm an Organizing Junkie. She lives with her family in Colorado.

About the Book: We all get 24 hours in a day- but it never seems like quite enough does it? Morgan Tyree wants to help you take back your time with her proven time managment system. With energy and enthusiasm, Morgan shows you how to organize and mangage your time using her simple, three color time zone system of green, yellow, and red- moxie time, multitasking time and me time. She shows you how to:

  • identify you most productive times each day

  • regulate between essentials and non essentials

  • schedule your three time zones

  • match your time zones with your capabilities

  • welcome the season of life that you're in

  • set achievable goals that align with your values.

If you have struggled to find balance and direction in your overloaded life, let Morgan's system help you discover the freedom of less hustle and more harmony.

My review: To be honest, I loved most of the tools that Morgan gives in the book. She has many areas in the book to allow the reader to write their priorities and structure out their week. At the same time, I got a little overwhelmed with the tools and writing things out. It was a little too structured for my personality- which is very go with the flow-and I felt a bit trapped by it. Again, this is just my personality type. However it was really good for me to see what a week typically looks like and what is actually filling my time.

Although I was not a fan of all the structure, there are some tools that I will take away from this book and try to use at work. I loved the colored time zone system: green, yellow and red. Green represents top priorities, yellow allows you to be flexible in your priorities and red represents things you love to do- hobbies, etc.

Morgan gives a lot of other useful tips throughout the book, such as how to get rid of clutter, how not to waste time on social media (guilty!) and how to protect the activities we love to do.

I will keep this book as a reference to help take control of my time and get more organized. Will I use all the tools she provides; probably not. But I will definitely try the color system on my calendar to make my work life a bit easier.

I'd recommend this book to others looking to improve their time management skills and get a bit organized. If you're a bit like me, you may get a little overwhelmed, but I still recommend taking a look at the tools Morgan provides as they are helpful. Just take it slow.

Interested in finding out a bit more about Morgan? You can find her at Morganize With Me (www.morganizewithme.com and read her monthly contributions at www.orgjunkie.com

Thanks again for reading my review! I hope you enjoyed it!

Until next time...


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