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Book Review: Love Changes Everything

Hi Friends!

I have three new books for you!

First up, is Love Changes Everything by Micah Berteau.

Before I get started, I wanted to let my readers know that I am going to wind down on the book reviews. I enjoy reading these books so much, but it's caused me to get away from my purpose for this blog, writing for you! I may still do one book review a month, but we'll see.

Without further ado, here's my review of Love Changes Everything by Micah Berteau.

About the Book: We all crave love. We try to fill the void inside with any number of poor substitutes. We seek validation from empty outlets. We're thirsty for compliments. We change who we are to impress people who aren't looking and don't care. Yet, we are still desperately searching for a love that changes everything for us, a love that doesn't fade and doesn't fail--even when we do.

That's the kind of love God shows that he has for us through the remarkable story of Hosea and Gomer. Unpacking this powerful love story from the Old Testament in a way you have never heard, pastor Micah Berteau releases us from the fears, hurts, insecurities, and anxieties of life by showing us just how extravagantly we are loved--in spite of our faults, our failures, and our sins. If you're tired of trying so hard to be worthy of someone else's love, lost in what's fake, or drawn to live in the temporary, Micah Berteau has good news for you--there is a better way to live and love.

About the Author: Micah Berteau is the lead pastor of The House Fort Worth, which he launched in 2018 and is considered one of the fastest-growing churches in America. Micah has earned his Masters in theology and is honored to travel and preach all over the world. He is a dynamic communicator who desires to see all generations intimately know Jesus and boldly make Him known. He and his wife, Lindsey, have two sons and live in Fort Worth, Texas. Learn more at www.micahberteau.com.

My Review: We all need love right? Love is something we all seek to feel complete. However, we need to look no further than our God. This is what the author shows us and he uses the story of Gomer and Hosea to demonstrate God's love for us. Now, Hosea is not my favorite book; it's a bit hard for me to read. I am always interested in books that help me dive a bit deeper into Hosea.

However, the author does not do that. He doesn't go into a deep study of the book, only references it throughout. This book is more of an encouraging/ motivational book. This isn't a bad thing; however, if you are looking at a deep study on Hosea, don't look for it here.

Now the good- I enjoyed the experiences that Micah shared, particularly the one he shared about getting lost at Six Flags Over Texas. He gets lost and expects anger from his father, but instead receives relief and joy at being found. I love how he compares that to God searching for us. We often think God is angry at us for going astray, but in reality- God welcomes us back with love.

Micah does encourage the reader to remember that they are loved by God and knowing that can change their lives. It's a good reminder.

As I mentioned earlier, if you are looking at this book to go in deeper with Hosea, I'd pass. However, if you need encouragement, I'd pick up at a local library.

Thanks so much for reading. To learn more about Micah, please visit www.micahberteau.com.

Until next time!


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