• Alexis Newlin


I've taken a lot of risks this year, and it is only February!

My ability to charge forward and do the things that are outside my box is from God alone. I could never do these things on my own.

When God asks me to take a risk, my initial answer is usually no. God is so patient. He doesn't push, at least not right away. He slowly eases me into the idea by planting a thought in my heart that won't let go. Then He uses others around me to continue encouraging me in what He wants me to do. Finally I give in. I say yes. I take the risk.

Some risks I've taken have caused pain. I feel like I caused more damage than good. But God assures me that even painful outcomes He can use for His glory.

I took a risk a while back and the outcome was not what I had hoped. As of now, things are still broken, But God...

He reminded me today, had I not taken that risk, I would have still been in bondage.

Although the outcome was painful, it was necessary to set me free and gave me space to do all the things that I am now doing. Writing, podcasting- starting a little ministry.

None of those things were even on my radar because I had my life wrapped up in one thing, waiting for that to manifest.

Pain gave me freedom.

And that is a risk I am willing to take.

This post is a part of Five Minute Friday. Each week, we receive a word prompt and are asked to free write for 5 minutes ( I usually go over). You can check out the community here-https://fiveminutefriday.com/2020/02/20/fmf-writing-prompt-link-up-risk/

Happy Friday y'all!



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