• Alexis Newlin


Life was hard this week. There seems to be this battle over my mind. The thoughts that come in swarms seem too heavy for me to overcome, a burden that I can not bear alone.

I entertain these thoughts, dwelling on them constantly. Their weight hold me down. My body aches from the poison that they bring.

I realize, it is time to break through.

The Lord reminds me that He has given me authority to cast down demons that plague my mind. All I need to do is call on Him and tell the Devil to go to hell.

I remember who I am. Who I belong to.

I tell Satan exactly where to go.

The bondage breaks. My mind feels clear. The weight of oppression gone.

I have a new life.

I repent for entertaining thoughts that do not glorify God. I am sure that I will have to do this again as the battle for my mind is a constant one.

But I am willing to fight knowing that the Lord gives life to those who call on Him.

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